Saturday, March 29, 2008

Statistics – March, 2008

Since January 3rd, in less than 3 months, we already have:

  • 58 pages using or talking about RecyclingPins;
  • 1841 Unique visitors
  • Technorati Rank is 273240 and we have Authority of 30

The visits to our blog came from all over the world:

Please, keep Recycling!
RecyclingPin Team

Wallpapers to download

We have created to different Computer Wallpapers to you

Here is the download link:
Download RecyclingPin Wallpapers

Enjoy them!

RecyclingPin Team

First Appearance in Portuguese TV - RTP

The first appearance of the Recycling Pins initiative in a television show occurs in January 23th, 2008. The show name is Biosfera and airs in RTP, RTP International and RTP Africa. Biosfera it is dedicated to Environment issues. They talked about RecyclingPins only 20 seconds, but these 20 seconds were very important to us because more people began using RecyclingPins.

Here is the video of the show:

To download the full episode, go to:

Thanks Biosfera for your support!

RecyclingPin Team

Blog New look…

Recycling Pins Initiative was born in January 3rd, 2008 and since that day we kept only two Blog posts, one with the explanation of the RecyclingPins and other with all the RecyclingPins available!

Today we have rearranged the Blog…All the RecyclingPins appears now in the right side of the page and the HTML code is inside a textbox to easily copy & paste to your site.

In the posts area we will add news related with the Initiative…come back soon to know them all!

Thanks to all.

RecyclingPin Team