Sunday, June 29, 2008

RecyclingPins on celsias

We have created a RecyclingPins Project in celsias. Celsias is a site with Articles, Discussions, Projects, Actions and Organizations all related to Climate Change and the Environment!

If you don’t have any site and want to support RecyclingPins... You could do it on celsias…It is easy:

  1. Go to celsias;
  2. Register and Sign In;
  3. Go to Projects;
  4. Select RecyclingPins Project;
  5. Click “This is Cool !”;
  6. Click "Follow This".

If you have your own project idea, you can start it at celsias page! It is very simple.

Thank you.


andie said...

I allready have mine, thanks!
Joyfull initiative!

RecyclingPin said...

Thank you very much! Your blog is now in our list.